Leveraging Technology Services include: Technology Assessment, Market Research, Licensing & Acquisitions, Product Definition, Strategic Planning, Business Start-Ups, Project Management

Experience Highlights
Fred Fraser, Ph.D.

Start-ups & General Management:
Worked with businesses in the laboratory device, consulting, e-commerce, blood bank screening, and dialysis industries; CEO of medical device start-up.

Technology & Product Licensing:
Negotiated and executed over 20 license agreements.

Market Development:
Developed successful relaunch of stalled HIV test leading to 40% market share in 2 years.

Regulated Product Development:
Worked to develop first monoclonal antibody drug test, first FDA approved HIV confirmatory test (PLA), and first fully integrated clinical chemistry & heterogeneous immunoassay analyzer.

Market Research & Strategic Planning:
Collaborated on projects including surgical devices, wound closure materials, dental materials, instrumented drug delivery systems and multiplex analysis systems.

High Level Selling:
Experienced in selling technology to U.S. and international VIP prospects.

Personnel Development:
Lead numerous, cross-functional work teams and staff groups as large as 75.

Mergers & Acquisitions:
Due diligence leader for $525 million auction sale of DuPont Diagnostics.

Project Management:
20 years experience using PACE and team leader of high profile projects.

Financial Management:
Including royalty income, over 80 license contracts, and a $75 million R&D portfolio including capital expenditures and software; P&L management of $36 million business in blood bank testing.

By applying our product development and business expertise, we provide comprehensive research and management insights that identify areas for success and maximize the strengths of your product or technology. Our services include:


Technology Assessment

• Analyzing technical capabilities
• Translating strengths into market edge
• Identifying weaknesses and remedies

Market Research

• Providing early stage market analysis
• Performing competitor assessment & analysis
• Researching the potential of new markets

Licensing & Acquisitions

• Qualifying sources of technology
• Conducting and/or advising negotiations
• Analyzing due diligence

Product Definition

• Analyzing and ranking customer needs
• Identifying winning product goals
• Translating goals into Design Inputs

Strategic Planning

• Providing product portfolio analysis
• Optimizing of R&D investments
• Performing scenario development & analysis

Business Start-Ups

• Guiding early stage general management
• Providing entity establishment services
• Engaging strategic partners

Project Management

• Establishing streamlined phase gate processes
• Developing cross-functional teams
• Guiding regulatory compliance

To see examples of Leveraging Technology client projects,
visit the Consulting Projects page.


Leveraging Technology LLC
6 Aspin Court, Wilmington, DE 19810
Ph: (302) 540-4428 | Fax: (302) 529-0657 | fraser@leveragingtech.com

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